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MADE TO ORDER - Recoletos Shawl


 Made to Order:Buy it today, receive it in 45 days.

Our Shawl can be used as: shawl, scarf, blanket, table runner and footboard. It is perfect to warm up or give a special touch to a simple outfit, the bed or even a sofa. It has tassels to give it a special movement.

• Composition:

64% Viscose, 27% polyester, 9% rayon - viscose

• Product care:

        ◦ Wash by hand with soft soap and cold water

        ◦ Dry on a flat surface

        ◦ Fold, don't hang 

* If your size or a color is not available, you can write to us using the chat button or to, and we can have it made for you!